A BETTER WAY TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT

When your home is in an area that is threatened by wildfires each year, you need a system that makes use of the latest technologies to stop the fire from reaching your house. The Structural Barrier Shield system uses flame retardant panels that don't cause any damage to the building and is simple to install. Learn more about how we make it easy to protect your home.

Inspired by emergency shelters used by wildland fire fighters in the field structural barrier shield is a patented system using the same high quality flame resistant material, providing excellent protection from flames, radiant heat and flying embers.  Our fire resistant material is bonded to a highly reflective, high emissivity outer layer , reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat.  structural barrier shield panels are designed to go on quickly when time is of the essence allowing the home owner to evacuate with piece of mind.



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